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Tips Hair Styling for Women with Long HairHair is a woman’s crown. So no wonder many women maintain their hair length. But the hair with the same model, it would seem boring. To be more varied, see order for long hair that can be replicated.

1. Sideways
Taylor Swift has always maintained her long hair. But the zoom is never boring because it’s smart deal country singer long hair. As this view, Taylor’s curly hair and styled sideways. A glamorous look that is suitable for a party.

2. Hair Bangs
Hair and bangs are too long can make you look so flat. To contrast your hair long bangs cut into flat just above the eyebrows. A fresh and playful be yours instantly.

3. Pigtail Horse
If you always menggerai your hair, why not try to order a ponytail? Maybe you’re afraid of the look so like a child. To that end, do not be too high pigtails, just until the mid or bottom of the head. For more formal impression, you can make it sleek with a daub on the hair gel.

4. Slicked Back
Sporty impression is not only derived from short hair. The length hair can produce a similar effect when styling your hair slicked back style. How to set it is by combing hair back and use gel to make it look ‘wet’.

5. Accessories
Accessories is an easy way to refresh the display of your long hair. You can use flower headband style Lana Del Rey, headbands or clip-flops pretty.

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