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Tips on playing with children aged 1-3 yearsLooking for inspiration to play with the baby? Here are some games that are fit for children 1-3 years, in addition to fun can also provide benefits for eye-hand coordination child. So the father and mother lived time and enjoy the thrill of this game with the baby!.

  • Playing ball
  • Playing puzzle
  • Doodling
  • Prepare beams / cardboard
  • Play dough (toy wax)
  • Play dolls
  • Playing musical instruments

Million benefit
Besides sharpening and hand-eye coordination, various games mentioned above have other benefits such as:

  • Sharpen your child the ability to focus or concentrate taller and develop the ability to pay attention to the object.
  • Hone fine motor abilities / skills of the hand, the fingers of the hand, the maturity and strength of grip, and hand the other hand as a basis to be able to do the tasks for further development.
  • Hone cognitive ability / intelligence, communication / speech or increase vocabulary.
  • Train the brain’s ability to work in a structured child.
  • Stimulate your child musical intelligence.

Things to note

  • Provide a safe place to play.
  • Choose toys or playground equipment that is safe, lightweight, easy to handle, not sharp, has the easy part loose / broken / cracked, not small-sized, non-toxic and washable. Primarily choose toys that support the growth and development of the child.
  • Take time to play with the baby for optimal stimulation.

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