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Tips secret to make flawless faceEvery woman would crave, desire a smooth face with no stains or often called flawless. Not a few women who feel less pretty when they decorated the smooth face of spots stains or black spots that appear on their face. Apparently, there are some tips that can be done by you to obtain the flawless face like Rosie Huntington White and Olivia Palermo. Here are tips that we have quoted from She Knows.

1. Scrub
Exfoliating or removing dead skin is very important to get a smooth face without blackheads. Every two or three days with a facial scrub brush. Do not do srub every day because it can make skin irritation.

2. Toner
Many women forget the toner after cleansing face rub. Toner is not just absorb excess oil, but also serves to shrink the skin pores are large. Choose a toner that does not contain too much alcohol as it will dry out the skin.

3. Mask
To lift the remains of dirt, use a mask. The content of masks also function a lot, depending on the selected mask. There is a mask to brighten, anti-aging, diminish dark spots and others.

4. Moisturizers
Make skin moist is the key to looking younger, smoother face. Maybe you hassles daub moisturizer two to three times a day, to replace it you can squirt face fresh water, such as Evian Water Face.

5. Sunblock
Protect your skin from the dangers of the sun by using sunblock. The sun is one of the triggers wrinkles and black spots on the face.

6. Foundation
Make-up tricks are very supportive to get the flawless face is the foundation. Product foundation can flatten facial color. Choose a foundation color one level lighter than your skin tone, to give a bright effect.

7. Concealer
Duty concealer to cover facial blemishes such as spots and dark circles of the eyes. How to use it quite a point-titikan on facial blemishes, then brush with a sponge.

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