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Tips to manage stress for pregnant motherStress is difficult to avoid, because almost every day we are always in touch with the things that can trigger stress. In fact, stress can make you feel emotional, unfocused work, even get sick.This condition is very dangerous, especially for those who are pregnant. Because stress can damage the health of the baby.

Experienced two severe events at once, it will definitely affect your life and create stress. However, it turns out there are some smart tips to manage stress so as not to harm your baby. What are the key management of stress?

1. Have a support team
Humans can not live alone. You need friends, friends, and family to be your support team. Is the belief that they act to support and be a place to vent your. They help you take a load off your mind a little at a time to support you in every occasion.

2. Settle down
Although always in the spotlight in American entertainment, Kim did not necessarily react to comments and insults she receives. He would prefer silence to calm down, so as not provoked emotions. It is an enviable thing. If you are facing a lot of problems, you should not immediately react to the actions or words. Calm your mind and emotions first before doing anything. Once the mind and emotions stable, usually you can think clearly and be able to resolve the problem well.

3. Avoid activities insignificant
When stressed, try to reduce the variety of activities that are not too important. Every now and then it could not hurt to go shopping, to the hairdresser, or simply having coffee with friends. However, not too often, because you might turn out to be a complainer or even a preoccupation relax and not think about your problem solving.

Instead of a useless activity, it is better to use your free time to rest. Rest can help you to calm your mind and relax for a while.

4. Have recourse
When stress is hit, this is no longer the time to prove to the whole world that you’re a superhero. Admit it when you are stressed, and not do everything alone. Your friends and family will not mind to lend a hand and lighten your burden.

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