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Tips to reduce boredom while sitting in the middle seat on aircraftBeing in the middle seat when flying can be annoying. Some aircraft do have models like the 3-3 seats in the economy class types such as the Boeing 737 or 2-4-2 in economy class general types-the Airbus 330, Airbus 340 or Boeing 747. It does not matter if it gets rows of seats which amounted to only two. But what if you get chairs in the middle of the four numbered rows of seats? Well the following tips in order to survive not bored sitting in the middle seat.

1. Avoid middle seats.
Certainly the most convenient way to not bersempit-sempitan between two people, is to avoid the middle seat.

The trick if you go up a few low budget airlines, such as AirAsia and Mandala Airlines, you can buy a seat as you want. You can also take advantage of online check-in to select the desired seat at no additional charge, such as facility Lion Air and Garuda Indonesia.

2. Reduce boredom.
Bring a music player and listen to music through headphones. Dispose of boredom that makes you forget that you are stuck with a position to fill spare time. Reading books, eating snacks, and sleep can be an option.

3. Sleeping on the table.
If you had stuck in the middle seat, just use your front folding table as a bed. Roll up your jacket and make a pillow. You can also fold the hand on the table. It is more comfortable than you sleep sitting upright as usual, but confused where to put my head. If you sit near the window, you can easily put the head near the window. Similarly, if you sit near the aisle.

However, if you are not used to sleeping on the table and chose to sleep in an upright position, use a pillow or rolled-up jacket as a divider and head restraint. It’s good to be pushed back seat backrest gives the distance. Certainly before rewind seat, noticed the passenger behind you.

4. Comes earliest.
Come on board as early as possible before the passenger on the right and left of you to come. Lower the seat shoulder and place your hands on both shoulders that seat. This is to secure your area.

5. Take advantage of leg room as possible.
If you rewind the front passenger backrest and you feel uncomfortable, ask politely that you are advancing in front of passenger seat backrest.

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